Australian Eagle Trust Long-Short Fund upgraded to 'Recommended'.

Zenith Investment Partners has upgraded the Australian Eagle Trust Long-Short Fund to 'Recommended'.

Zenith cited a demonstrated ability to preserve capital in drawdown periods relative to the benchmark (S&P/ASX100 index) and to outperform in both up and down moves more than 50 per cent of the time, as reasons for the upgrade.

“We are delighted that the Zenith team recognised that our clients have been rewarded for the active risk that we have taken on their behalf. One reason for this success is that capturing fundamental change means that you have to have an investment horizon that is out beyond the normal short-term investment scrum," Alan Kwan, senior portfolio manager and director of Australian Eagle, said.

"Company changes can be like an oil tanker that can need a lot of time and sea room to change direction. We believe that our culture, boutique structure and investment thesis for change means that we can provide that ‘sea room’, but with vigilance!”

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