Rest appoints ex-Pendal CEO to investment committee

Executive Move


Industry super fund Rest has appointed three people to its board investment committee, including former BT Investment Management CEO Michael Bargholz.

Bargholz was the Australian chief executive for Pendal Group and spent several years with Fidelity International as investment director and managing director. He held senior positions with AllianceBernstein and AXA in Australia and New Zealand.

Bargholz is joined by Deep Kapur and UBS MD Anne Anderson on the five person investment committee.

"The appointment of three eminent investment experts to the Board Investment Committee is part of the overall redesign of the investment governance structure, which complements the recent appointment of Mr Andrew Lill as Rest's Chief Investment Officer," said Rest chair Ken Marshman.

John Nolan is leaving the organisation's investment committee after more than 30 years either on the committee or as an advisor.

The moves come after Rest integrated its wholly-owned investment arm, Super Investment Management, into the fund's internal investments team.


October 2020

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