MLC Asset Management investments head retires

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After 17 years with MLC - and 30 years in the investment industry - Dr Susan Gosling is retiring as head of investments for MLC Asset Management.

MLC CIO Jonathan Armitage said Gosling is an outstanding investment leader who made many notable contributions for clients. "The Scenarios approach to investment management, MLC's Investment Futures Framework, was developed by Susan and has provided the philosophical and investment management foundations of our retail multi-asset portfolios since 2005.

"Susan's contributions go beyond intellectual and investment leadership; she has been a mentor and role model for many talented women who have gone on to enduring investment careers.

"Susan leaves MLC with the gratitude and admiration of her colleagues for her many achievements and an exceptional career," concluded Armitage.

Al Clark has been named as Dr Gosling's replacement.


November 2019

Head of Investments

MLC Asset Management

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