Iress appoints product design head

Executive Move


Iress has looked to the tech industry for its new global head of product design.

Amir Ansari has joined the organisation from Transpire, a digital product design firm where he was the director of user experience. Ansari has held UX roles with DiUS Computing and Stamford Interactive.

In his new role with Iress, Ansari will help the company apply design principles to its products. "Working with our talented Chief Product Officer and design evangelist Joydip Das, as well as a vast number of amazing product and design experts, we will raise the bar in how our customers and end users will experience our products."

"We will not only drive outcomes across our existing products, but will help bring new product-innovations to market," said Ansari.

Iress chief product office Joydip Das said that he's delighted to appoint Amir to the product design team. "Amir brings significant experience working with leading global brands employing human-centred design to create differentiated products and client and user experiences."


May 2021

Global Head of Product Design