Impact Investment Group COO steps down

Executive Move


Ingrid van Dijken has confirmed to Industry Moves her departure from the role of chief operations officer & head of investor services at Impact Investment Group (IIG), effective September 2018.

Van Dijken has more than 20 years’ experience in private banking and senior management roles. Before joining IIG in 2014, she managed the UHNW segment of NAB Private Wealth in Victoria and, before this, worked for more than twelve years in private banking in Geneva.

In acknowledging her contribution, IIG CEO, Daniel Madhavan, said: "When [van Dijken] joined, IIG was just four people. When she left we were 30 people, managing funds on behalf of more than 400 co-investors. In that time, she drove the maturation of the company, while being an unerring beacon of enlightened hospitality and love for our community of investors. She may have left the company, but she’ll stay one of our friends for certain, and we can’t wait to see her next moves.”

Why it was time to leave: Q&A with Ingrid van Dijken

Why was the time right for you to leave your position at IIG?

I joined when the company was less than a year old and drove the transformation from a start-up to a professional funds manager representing more than 400 investors today. It is an incredibly rewarding journey to grow to a medium size company in the space of almost five years. It is also highly intense, fast paced with a lot of pressure, especially in the tightly regulated industry of finance dealing with investors’ assets. It brings a great sense of responsibility on many fronts. I loved every minute of it in my role as COO & Head of Investor Services, but it did become my life. Unfortunately, I don't have children, which means that it is easier for work to take on more space in your life. At some point, I realised how it had actually taken over my private life, and how I didn’t get to do enough of other things that are meaningful and that I like doing. I feel very proud of everything we have achieved together over the years, especially the impact, and thought it was the right time to take a break after all these years and calmly think of what I am going to do next.

"I loved every minute of it in my role as COO & Head of Investor Services, but it did become my life."

What were your biggest achievements?

It is a challenge from many perspectives to help grow a company from four staff in early 2014 making commercial real estate investments valued between $5-$30 million at the time, to a team of 30 staff managing investments in three asset classes. By June 2018, IIG had made transactions of more than $1 billion across commercial real estate, venture capital and large scale renewable energy infrastructure. To have persevered through highs and low, to overcome obstacles and to have contributed to this incredible team effort gives a good feeling. I would say though that I got the greatest sense of achievement from seeing our community of investors grow over the years, to see staff members develop & learn and to create, through our investments, true impact.



September 2018

Chief Operations Officer & Head of Investor Services

Impact Investment Group