Garry Weaven to retire as Chair of IFM Investors

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Global institutional funds manager, IFM Investors, has announced that chair, Garry Weaven, will retire from the board, effective 31 December 2018.

Commenting on his departure, the firm said: "Weaven’s retirement closes a chapter on an exceptional career as a key architect behind the creation and growth of the industry superannuation fund movement and IFM Investors; which has benefitted the retirement income of everyday working people in Australia and across the globe."

Weaven's successor is deputy chair and former Australian Government minister, Greg Combet, who joined the board in 2014 and will commence as chair on 1 January 2019.

In paying tribute to Weaven, Combet said: “Garry has been the pivotal figure in the growth and success of IFM Investors since it was created more than two decades ago. I congratulate and thank him for his pioneering role, vision for the company and energy in bringing IFM Investors to the success story that it is today."

IFM Investors has also announced the appointment of new board members, Alison Larsson and Grant Dempsey, who commenced on 1 July 2018 and Cath Bowtell who commences on 1 January 2019. These appointees join John Denton AO, who was appointed to the board on 1 January 2018.


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