Former IFM Investment Director launches Blue Orbit AM

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Adam Randall has officially launched Blue Orbit Asset Management, a Melbourne-based boutique investment firm focused on listed equity investments for institutional investors.

As Blue Orbit's CEO and portfolio manager, Randall is responsible for all aspects of portfolio construction and investment research, as well as management of the business.

Randall has a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, and spent six years at Boeing in aerodynamics and flight simulation. In 2006, he transitioned to equity investing at VFMC and, as portfolio manager, researched & developed smart beta and quantitative strategies. After six years at VFMC, he joined Realindex as a portfolio manager and 12 months later was promoted to head of research. In 2014, he joined IFM Investors as an investment director to build out the firm's global equities and smart beta capability.

Randall established Blue Orbit Asset Management in late 2017, and in early 2018 was joined by Damien Green, Megan Talmage and Julie Andrews.

Randall also serves as a founding board member of the firm.

Blue Orbit Asset Management will make its quantitative strategy - the Australian Small Caps Systematic Alpha strategy - available to investors at the beginning of September 2019. Find out more.

Q&A with Adam Randall on the launch of Blue Orbit Asset Management


Former aerospace engineer Adam Randall pays homage to his first career in the name of his new small cap boutique quantitative manager Blue Orbit. He speaks to Industry Moves about what prompted him and his fellow ex-IFM colleagues to launch the firm and how they plan to offer something new to investors.



January 2018

Chief Executive Officer & Portfolio Manager

Blue Orbit Asset Management

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