Ex-BNP Paribas distribution specialist founds firm

Executive Move


Former BNP Paribas Asset Management institutional development specialist Steven Larkin has founded an independent third-party distribution firm.

3PD Pty Limited is led by Larkin and US-based Robert Harrison. Announcing the firm on LinkedIn, Larkin wrote, "I am very pleased today to announce the formation of 3PD Pty Limited, a company I have co-founded with my ex-colleague Robert Harrison. We are an independent third-party distribution firm, with our tagline being "Bringing experience and integrity to clients wanting world class investment solutions.'"

The firm's launch is timed with its partnership with ESG investing specialist Promethos Capital entering the Australian and New Zealand markets.

"I am keen to represent 'pure play' managers with specialisted expertise in underserved, in-demand Australian investment segments," said 3PD's Harrison.

Larkin spent more than a decade with BNP Paribas Securities Services and BNP Paribas Asset Management in relationship and business development roles.

Distribution specialist shares experience launching consultancy


Distributions specialist Steve Larkin spent years selling other people's products and services. Now he's... still selling other people's products and services but doing it through his own independent distribution service.

He shares his experiences moving away from the stability of 15 years with BNP Paribas and the challenges and victories founding 3PD.



August 2020

Founder & Principal

3PD Pty Limited