Digital advice chief departs

Executive Move


Ignition Advice chief executive Manish Prasad has left the organisation after two years at the helm.

"[It] has been a tough and rewarding time which has seen our team in Europe expand and mature, our white label advice platform [evolves] and our list of prospects, partners and investors grow," said Prasad. "After successfully leading Ignition, in partnership with Morgan Stanley, through our recent Series B capital raising, I know Ignition is in a much better place upon my departure."

Prasad was previously a director in KPMG's wealth management business and held senior roles with NAB, AXA, and New York-based Capital Position Ventures.

Announcing his departure on LinkedIn, Prasad thanked his former colleagues for their work. "To our staff, clients, prospects and partners; I have enjoyed getting to know you. To our investors, new and established, thank you for putting your capital behind Ignition and your faith in the team and me. To all of you, I know our paths will cross in the future and I look forward to that day, whenever it will be."

Ignition has yet to announce what is happening with its leadership team following Prasad's departure.


December 2020

Chief Executive Officer

Ignition Wealth