Co-founder and manager of AdviserLogic steps down after acquisition

Executive Move


AdviserLogic co-founder and longtime managing director Gundeep Sidhu has stepped away from the business after the completion of its acquisition by Morningstar. The business has confirmed his departure and says he's pursuing outside interests.

In a interview with Industry Moves, Sidhu says he's excited to pursue a new venture for the first time since founding AdviserLogic with Daniel Gara in 2005.

Gara has stayed on with Morningstar after the acquisition to manage the financial planning vertical.

Sidhu had a background as an adviser and managing planners before founding AdviserLogic, working as a certified financial planner for BDO from 1998 - 2005.

His new venture,, is focused on helping building managers, property managers and occupants to take control of their spaces with simplified incident reporting and resolution.


December 2019

Co-founder and managing director