Cashwerkz CEO stepping down from top job to head up sales

Executive Move


Cashwerkz has announced changes to its board and leadership team including that of chief executive officer Hector Ortiz stepping into the role of head of sales.

Ortiz said of the move: “The Cashwerkz business is undergoing enormous change and we are on the right path to an exciting growth trajectory. To remain focused on building new business and partnerships and extend on the great work we have achieved, I will be moving across to lead sales for all segments including significant, identified, international market opportunities."

Other changes include current Cashwerkz chair Michael Hackett taking on the role of executive chair of Trustees Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cashwerkz, and John Nantes, currently a board director of Cashwerkz, being appointed executive chair.

Trustees Australia was established to retain the name and licensing when the listed parent entity changed its name from Trustees Australia Limited to Cashwerkz Limited on 22 May 2019. The two companies merged in August 2017.

In his new role, Cashwerkz said that Hackett will focus on "developing a truly Independent Trustee business for the “new” Trustees Australia" with a view to a "demerger and ASX listing of Trustees Australia Limited in 2020."

Ortiz will remain in the CEO role, assisted by Nantes, while the search for a new chief executive is underway.

The appointment and departure dates below are indicative only and will be updated once more information is made public.


October 2019

Chief Executive Officer



October 2019

Head of Sales


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