National Chair named for AFA Inspire

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The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) has announced the appointment of Kate McCallum as national chair of AFA Inspire, the AFA's "powerhouse" for connecting women in advice.

McCallum, who is co-CEO and founder of boutique advisory firm, Multiforte Financial Services, said of the appointment: “I love the energy and atmosphere of the AFA and AFA Inspire, so I am very excited to accept the role...There’s a distinct vibrancy about the AFA Inspire community, and I can’t wait to begin planning our forward strategy.”

AFA CEO, Philip Kewin, added: “We are excited to have Kate on board. She is well respected in the AFA community, was awarded the AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award in 2014 and her firm was a grand finalist in this year’s AFA Practice of the Year Award. Kate brings significant leadership experience to this role and I am confident that she will make an invaluable contribution to the AFA and to AFA Inspire."


December 2018

National Chair - AFA Inspire

Association of Financial Advisers

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