Where are they now? From BT to Fox Sports, Carly Loder is living the dream

Thursday 5th June 2014

Carly Loder

Carly Loder was chief marketing officer at BT Financial Group from 2007 to 2012. Following her 'passion for all things sport', she is now on the board of Surfing Australia and heads up marketing and communications at Fox Sports.

Why did you leave financial services?

I had a wonderful career at BT Financial Group starting in 2001 and finishing in 2012. I had worked overseas for 18 months in the middle of that tenure however; the majority of the early years in my career were developed within the one company and I was keen to look at another industry. A Corporate re-structure came about and I took the opportunity to move on even though my love for the industry made that decision very hard to make.

Where are you now?

I work at FOX SPORTS Australia, which is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation Australia in the role of Director – Marketing and Communications. The role covers all things marketing, digital and communications – corporate, PR and internal.

I also am a Board Member for Surfing Australia, which helps me live out my passion for all things sport on top of my day job!

In what way is your new industry different to financial services?

The media industry is vastly different to financial services. It’s fast, immediate, innovative and creative. Financial services was a great induction to the media industry but nothing quite prepares you for a 24/7 global media business. It never, ever stops. Which is exciting as business moves quickly.

What do you like about it?

You cannot hide your performance in such a public arena as media. So for individuals who are driven by outcomes, this is the business to see the immediacy of results. I like the exposure mechanisms the industry naturally inhibits, as it’s understood daily what is required to achieve a high performing culture and business.

I also like the innovative and creative nature of the industry I now am a part of. It’s a nice problem to have when one of the biggest issues keeping you up at night is “where is my next big funny/entertaining idea going to come from?”

What don’t you like about it?

There isn’t much that’s not to love about working in the media industry.

What did you learn in financial services that has helped you in your new role?

Financial services as an industry, but more particularly BT Financial Group, are famous for building the discipline of process, development of leadership and the importance of articulating a winning strategy.

Since leaving, I have often looked back on my training, past leaders and opportunities that I had whilst at BT Financial Group and felt incredibly blessed that my upbringing in corporate life was within the industry and organisation that it was.

What do you miss about financial services?

My friends and colleagues I miss daily. There is nothing like being in the bunker with your peers working on a deal till all hours of the morning. The rush, the camaraderie and heated debates at 3am are something you cannot replicate!

Would you go back to a career in financial services?

I loved my time in financial services so would always consider a move back.

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