Second Quarter 2017 Moves Comparison

Thursday 13th July 2017 Debbie Wilkes

Second Quarter Moves Comparison

In our second quarterly roundup for 2017, we bring you a comparison report of appointment data from the past four years, including the percentage of those appointments awarded to women. Our snapshot drills down a little further and we find that while the number of female executive appointments is still under 30%, there appears to be a healthy increase in the number of female board appointments for the quarter.

Also amongst the highlights is the move that received the most views, the Q&A which generated the most interest, and the organisation that received the most visitors.

For those that are wondering how to drill down into the Industry Moves vault of data, we share a tip to make it easy for you to find the people behind the stats.

Snapshot April - June 2017

170.............Reported appointments
130………..Reported departures
107………..Organisations with appointments
69……….....Organisations with departures
143………..Executive appointments
27%............Awarded to females
40……….....Board appointments
37%............Awarded to females

Mid Year Appointment Comparison Report  2014-2017

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Most viewed pages for the second quarter of 2017

Most viewed Move

AustralianSuper appoints Independent Director & IC Chair Jim Craig

In April, Industry moves reported on the appointment of Jim Craig as an independent director at AustralianSuper and chair of the $100 billion industry fund's investment committee. Read more.

Most viewed Q&A

Alistar MacLeod New Venture: Alastair MacLeod on the launch of Wheelhouse Partners

In partnership with Bennelong Funds Management, Alastair MacLeod and two colleagues established boutique Wheelhouse Partners and, in May, launched the firm's first offering. We spoke with MD and portfolio manager Alistair about the firm's goals for the next 12 months, what makes Wheelhouse Partners stand out from the crowd, and about the person who taught him to "think critically like an investor". Read more.

Most viewed Insight Piece

Caitriona Fay

"Philanthropists take a warm heart and cold eye approach to their giving": Q&A with Perpetual's Caitriona Fay

The title of ‘Philanthropist’ is no longer a title exclusively held by Australia’s wealthiest, with the recent Giving Australia 2016 report showing that nearly 15 million Australians donated approximately $12 billion in philanthropic funds last year. Read more.

Most viewed Product

Eaton Vance Muni Bonds Eaton Vance US Municipal Taxable bonds

Eaton Vance Investment Management has been investing in municipal bonds for the last 38 years. According to their recent research for Australian wholesale investors, the market is now large enough to justify super funds making specific allocations to the sub-asset class as both a diversifier and added-alpha investments. Read more.

Most viewed Organisation

The organisation to receive the most views in this last quarter has recently merged with another fund and appointed a new CEO this month. Find out which organisation received the most views .

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