Mid-Year Moves Snapshot and Analysis - 2019

Thursday 18th July 2019

2019 Mid-Year Moves Snapshot

Reported appointments by Industry Moves for the first half of 2019 decreased by 14%, with 348 moves compared to 442 for the same period in 2018, with our research covering the appointments of 189 organisations compared to 224 last year. 33% of board appointments and 28% of executive appointments were awarded to women. Though the gender balance for executive appointments shows an upward trend over the last 5 years, the data revealed a slight drop from the first quarter results of 2019 which saw the highest percentage of female executive appointments for any quarter in the last five years, hitting 32%.

In other news, 17% of all executive appointments in the last six months were awarded internally, either as promotions or as part of an organisation restructure or reshuffle. Examples of which are: Sunsuper, AMP Life, SuperConcepts and Xplore Wealth

Below is a snapshot of statistics for the first six months of the year, a mid-year comparison report for the last five years, and highlights of the move, Q&A and insight piece that most grabbed your attention.

Snapshot January - June 2019

348............Reported appointments
189………..Organisations with appointments
78……….....Organisations awarded appointments to women
294………..Executive appointments
28%............Awarded to females
54……….....Board appointments
33%............Awarded to females

![Mid-Year Move Snapshot 2019](Snapshot 2019](https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/industrymoves.com/images/blog+photos/Third+Quarter+Moves+Comparison+2015+-+2019+copy.png)

Most viewed pages for the first half of 2019

In the first six months of 2019 there were 192k visits to the Industry Moves website, wth 315k pages viewed. We highlight below those that received the most attention:

Most viewed Move

Simon Weaver Willis Towers Watson names new Head of Australasia

Simon Weaver's appointment to the role of CEO of Willis Towers Watson Australasia was the most read move of the last six months. In a Q&A that touched on culture and governance and the industry's gains in regards to gender diversity and inclusion, he shared details of the role and why it 'delighted' his kids Read more.

Most viewed Q&A

Adam Gee Adam Gee on his new role at GROW Super

Though our first question to Adam Gee had been asked of him ‘more times than he could think about’, our Q&A with Adam on his new role proved popular with readers and topped the list of the most read Q&As for the year. Read more.

Most viewed Insight piece

Kate Tlbrook Meet Kate Tilbrook, UniSuper's Unsung Hero

One of our featured Unsung Heroes, Kate Tilbrook, a senior design researcher at UniSuper, who her colleague believes might just change the world, topped the list for most read insight articles. Read more.

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