"With a big smile and a youthful hunger", meet Ignition Wealth's Mat Tenney

Thursday 2nd August 2018

Mat Tenney

Some people just brighten up a workplace. In the case of Mat Tenney, product manager at Ignition Wealth, it's his can-do attitude, passion for people and wicked sense of humour that make him such a popular staffer, a favourite in both the Sydney and Dublin offices. We hear from his colleagues and also from Mat, who we subject to questions about his first job, his hidden talents and who he would invite to his dream dinner party.

"...a sharp wit, a broad smile and a love of drawing concepts on whiteboards.”

Mark Hayward, Head of Client Solutions and Market Development

What his colleagues have to say...

Quote Alan Quinlan, CEO, Ignition Wealth Ireland
Mat came to Ireland to help the local team initiate a key project with a large client. He impressively got up to speed on the local market dynamic and used his considerable knowledge, skill and personality to ensure the project was set up for success. In just a month, his presence and impact was immense.

Quote Manish Prasad, CEO, Ignition Wealth
Mat typifies the type of talent that Ignition is now attracting, experienced enough to know how they are looking to change the industry, hungry enough to leave no stone unturned, and smart enough to be a great partner for leading organisations regardless of geography or industry. On top of all that, Mat's personality and desire to get involved and drive change is infectious. He leaps into solving our clients' new and complex problems with a big smile and a youthful hunger that makes everyone around him want to roll up their sleeves and help out.

Quote Mark Hayward, Head of Client Solutions and Market Development
Mat has an innate ability to see where the value is in using data to power consumer financial decision-making. This leads to highly engaging consumer experiences across the spectrum of go-to-market channels. He balances this with a sharp wit, a broad smile and a love of drawing concepts on whiteboards.

"People are important to me and it’s important to make sure that my people are alright”

Mat Tenney – Product Manager, Ignition Wealth

Q&A with Mat Tenney

Unsung Hero

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I like the diversity of the people I interact with across the team and the diversity of the problems I need to solve. I love that I am solving problems that make a difference to real people.

What drew you to the organisation/industry?
One of the key reasons I came to Ignition Wealth was I knew that I could really make a difference to a lot of people. Historically in advice when we talked about helping people it was always focussed on the high net worth sector. At Ignition Wealth we promise to make a difference and provide better financial outcomes for everyone. I am part of a team making advice simple, accessible, meaningful and relevant for all the people who can’t afford to see a financial planner.

Can you name a career highlight so far?
Since joining Ignition Wealth I’ve loved the challenge of managing projects from both sides of the world. It’s fascinating to see that consumer needs are the same globally, but the product we deliver must be customised to adapt to local culture and compliance needs.

What was your very first job?
In my youth I had some crazy jobs! As a graduate, my first job was as a teacher in software design and development and design tech. I entered the industry through education and software training.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
My partner of course. I have a hero crush on Elon Musk. He sees problems and he just has to have a crack at it. He’s not afraid of failure. And he’s trying to get to Mars, how cool is that?

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
First of course, be good to your mum. Then don’t sweat the small stuff. A very old colleague of mine told me that because I was very detail-oriented. I still am.

What possession do you most treasure?
I don’t treasure possessions. I value my relationships. People are important to me and it’s important to make sure that my people are alright.

Do you have a secret skill/hidden talent? I have an extraordinary ability to concentrate and tune out any distractions happening around me. I was the eldest in a house that was crazy, noise and people everywhere. If I wanted to read a book I had to be able to turn everything off and hear nothing around me. If I am really concentrating on something I don’t hear or see anything else. My partner might say this is not a talent!

Top: In the air with colleagues, Mark Hayward and Mark Hudson
Bottom: Planning meeting with beer

Mat Tenney with colleagus

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