It’s still an uncertain world

Wednesday 1st July 2020 Penny Pryor

While the panic of early March may have dissipated and Australia seems to have done relatively well when it comes to COVID-19 cases, Chi-X’s CEO Vic Jokovic says that people should still be cautious. He does not expect the volatility VIX index to return to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon.

“The risks haven’t gone away and the Covid virus is alive and well and will continue to create uncertainty,” he says.

Australia may have performed well in terms of low COVID-19 risk, and our economic stimulus may have come at a lower cost than in other parts of the world, but what happens to our trading partners will impact our recovery.

“Our key trading partners are in trouble and the one key trade partner that isn’t we have a bit of a trade issue with,” Jokovic says.

“I feel [we] shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves in terms of forward valuations."

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