The Great Industry Influencers

Thursday 10th May 2018


Who are the people that most influence our careers? Over the months, Industry Moves has learned of some outstanding people who have provided inspiration and encouragement to many in our industry. This week, we highlight some of these influencers - including those who are well known, those who are no longer with us, and two very impressive women who, unsurprisingly, received more than one mention.

(Pictured from top left: Dr Catriona Wallace, Allan Moss, Wendy Tse, Gail Kelly, Mavis Robertson, John Nolan, David Gonski, Kevin Cottrill and Fiona Trafford-Walker.)

"I think Fiona is a trailblazer in the investment consulting industry. I respect her intelligence and her ability to navigate the industry in an ethical and friendly manner." - Allison Hill

David Holston

David Holston, Chair - Statewide Super investment committee.

The biggest influence on my work roles over the last 20 years has been John Nolan, the founder of JANA. John taught me that there are no short cuts to running a very successful business. Always prepare fastidiously, read widely and shoot straight.

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Hugh Dive

Hugh Dive, Chief Investment Officer - Atlas Funds Management

Two individuals have influenced my career, Phil Cotterill from CC&L in Canada and Anton Tagliaferro from Investors Mutual. They both have a passion for investing and in particular a fascination for pulling apart companies to understand what are the factors that will make some companies succeed and others fail. They have both instilled in me the need to view economic and political events in terms of their impact on your portfolio and attempt to identify long range factors that can impact a company's business model.

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Louise Walsh

Louise Walsh - CEO of Future Generation

[A] stand out influence is David Gonski. David and I share a relentless passion for growing philanthropy or giving in this country. I was lucky enough to work with David when I was a ‘baby’ M&A lawyer at Allens and he weaved his magic to ensure two roles happened for me later in my career – becoming the founding director of Artsupport Australia in 2003 and also CEO of Philanthropy Australia in 2012. David is the absolute inspiration for my career and I’m sure our paths will continue to cross into the future.

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"David is the absolute inspiration for my career and I’m sure our paths will continue to cross into the future." - Louise Walsh

Anna Leibel

Anna Leibel, Executive Manager of Technology - UniSuper

Dr Catriona Wallace – she’s amazing. Catriona is a successful entrepreneur with five different start-ups and possesses a brilliant mind. I love the way she approaches business with honesty and authenticity. I was fortunate to partner with her during my time at Telstra and we co-created a new service. I learnt so much from her during this time and she has also introduced me to so many other amazing leaders who continue to influence and inspire me.

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Lola Oyetunji

Lola Oyetunji, Manager, Superannuation Advisory - KPMG

Wendy Tse is a Director within our team here at KPMG. We worked together years ago and again more recently. Throughout the entire period, Wendy has been one of my biggest supporters. She has provided the right balance between sharing from her experiences and allowing me to have my own. She's believed in me when I haven't believed in myself. She also never fails to challenge me!

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Paul Cahill

Paul Cahill, CEO - NESS Super

The one person who I will give a special mention to is the late Chairman of AMIST. This is where I started my career. Kevin Cottrill, who died recently, was an old-school accountant who taught me that cost was the most important component in business. The reason I am able to run low-cost organisations is because I learned from a past master of cost control. Kevin was very much a ‘behind the scene’ person who placed importance on personal relationships.

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"I love the way she approaches business with honesty and authenticity." - Anna Leibel

Ben Canagasabey

Ben Canagasabey, Senior Manager of Client Operations - Neuberger Berman

I had the great opportunity and good fortune to work with Chris Aylen at Vanguard Investments. Chris has been my professional mentor and has been instrumental in shaping my career to date. He is a very passionate individual who has invested his time and took a personal interest in my professional development. An aspirational leader that prioritised the success of others and demonstrated what it means to be a true leader!

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Allison Hill

Allison Hill, Director of Investments, Global Multi-Asset - QIC

I’ve been lucky to have a few people that have been very supportive of me, but in particular I’d say Fiona Trafford-Walker. I worked with her for 11 years and we’ve maintained a close relationship since I’ve moved on from Frontier. I think Fiona is a trailblazer in the investment consulting industry. I respect her intelligence and her ability to navigate the industry in an ethical and friendly manner while achieving strong outcomes for clients. I’d very much like to emulate Fiona’s approach in how she conducts herself in the industry.

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Leigh Gavin

Leigh Gavin - Head of Investments at LUCRF Super

Fiona Trafford-Walker is the antithesis of everything that is wrong about this industry. She has always put members first (not just clients, but the members of those client funds) and has passed on her great sense of purpose to many people. She’s one of the world’s best consultants (not just my view!) and was a wonderful mentor for 14 years.

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"She’s one of the world’s best consultants (not just my view!) and was a wonderful mentor for 14 years." - Leigh Gavin

Gail Pemberton

Gail Pemberton, former Chair - OneVue

Allan Moss from Macquarie Bank had the greatest influence on my career while I was an executive. I’ve had many influences since I’ve moved to an NED career. Connie Mckeage has been an important one of those and a friend as well.

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Miriam Herold

Miriam Herold, Head of Managed Fund Research - IOOF

I really admire Gail Kelly, she is a fantastic role model for females in a traditionally male dominated industry and was hugely successful running one of the country’s largest banks. She managed all of this as well as successfully raising triplets, which particularly resonates with me as I am a mother of young twins.

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Louise Bradshaw

Louise Bradshaw, Marketing & Business Development Manager - Eaton Vance

I have had many wonderful colleagues and associates over the years that have provided advice and guidance and have just been great supporters. When I first moved to London a lovely gentleman (Norman Malcolm from Wellington) took me under his wing at the first conference I was attending. Noticing that I was a little hesitant, he introduced me around to all my counterparts – he didn’t have to do that but it was most appreciated.

Jim McCaughan (former CEO at Oppenheimer Capital) was a great support and mentor to me during my first years in Asset Management and my time in New York City. And of course, a great mentor and sounding board was Mavis Robertson. As a fellow woman in the superannuation industry, she gave me a lot of advice, guidance and viewpoints over the years and is greatly missed.

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Maria Wilton

Maria Wilton, former Country Head of Franklin Templeton

I have had many people over my executive career that have given me great advice and support. At the start of my career, Jean Brunel was Country Head at J.P. Morgan and he encouraged everyone to complete the CFA exam which was transformative. At Franklin Templeton, Jenny Johnson, President, always provided support and feedback. Both are leaders with great passion, energy and intelligence.

Probably the most influential person throughout my career was Mavis Robertson. I first saw Mavis at the CMSF conference in Wollongong sharing the stage with Paul Keating and thought: “Wow! I want to be like her!” She was strong, articulate and had a clear sense of purpose. Mavis was not afraid to ruffle a few feathers and also had a strong sense of community. She provided me with support and kindness during some challenging times. In addition to her contribution to the superannuation industry, Mavis was also the co-founder (with Louise Davidson) of the Mothers’ Day Classic which is coming up soon, so don’t forget to register.

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