I didn't know Industry Moves could do THAT!!

Tuesday 1st January 2019

Say what?!

If you have only ever read Industry Moves' weekly newsletter without finding out more about what makes our service unique, then you may be missing out on a valuable information resource. As well as our Moves Research service, giving you access to seven years of news on moves, there is a whole swag of other free features that you could be using. Did you know that Industry Moves can...

...link you through to organisation profiles from our directory of Organisations.

Directory of organisations

give you access to six years of historical data, including a list of every person starting in their new role in any given month, filtered by your specific search criteria?
Try it out HERE!


...link you through to published news articles, media releases and videos relating to appointments and departures.
To date, we have included links to more than 8,200 articles from over 70 sources in order to provide 'moves' commentary and context.

News Articles

...offer you a chance to get to know the people behind the moves via our weekly Q&As.
Over 600 interviews later we've uncovered budding musos, artists, opera singers, poets, and even a fire-breather!

All of these interviews are included in our Q&A section. We trust you'll find them as entertaining and informative as we have!


show you featured products and services launched into the institutional and/or retail market, with unique insights from the experts who developed them.
See the full range of featured products and services HERE!

Products & services

show you recently reported moves for any given organisation, plus key contacts and profile information for participating organisation? HERE!

Company profile

display a personal profile of over 4,000 key industry contacts? HERE!

Person profile

offer you a super convenient way to report your move and keep the industry up to date with details of your new role?
So what are you waiting for?

Report a Move

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