Whispering words of wisdom

Thursday 19th September 2019

words of wisdom

With the benefit of hindsight (and the mastery of time travel), what advice would you give to your younger self?
It's a question we love to ask our weekly interviewees and their answers are often funny, mostly encouraging, and invariably wise.
We've compiled for you some of our favourites from the last few months.

Susan Darroch

Susan Darroch - former Head of Global Equity Beta Solutions, SSGA

Be confident in your abilities, speak up when you have something to say and be aware of how not to use language that undermines you.

Read Susan's full Q&A here.

Mal Smith

Mal Smith - former REI Super CEO

Professionally - learn to touch type, and you will get more done! Personally - quit the band and focus on uni (which was the right decision). And obviously, be nice to your friends and family.

Read Mal's full Q&A here.

Melinda Livingstone

Melinda Livingstone, founder of Income Connection

See working in big work places as a game to be played. Enjoy the game. Be always focussed on the big picture, rise above the detail and take learnings out of each rumble so that you can sharpen your craft for your next challenging experience. Don’t take anything too seriously. Write learning reflections in a journal at night.

Read Melinda's full Q&A here.

Anand Thomas

Anand Thomas - Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at UniSuper

Be curious, hungry and humble. Learn to take calculated risks, and master the ability to connect the dots.

Read Anand's full Q&A here.

Chris Croker

Chris Croker - Managing Director and a founding partner of Impact Investment Partners

Living for today is good, but you really should start thinking about tomorrow and the day after.

Read Chris' full Q&A here.

Naomi Christopher

Naomi Christopher - National Manager, Marketing and Communications, Implemented Portfolios

Don’t shy away from self-belief. Choose kindness over brilliance. Never go to the hairdresser right after a break-up.

Read Naomi's full Q&A here.

Jonathan van Rooyen

Jonathan van Rooyen - Chief Investment Officer, Infrastructure Partners Investment Fund

Build a network and associate yourself with experienced men and women who are genuine leaders. Leaders care about people, they always put the team first - and will always have your back. The Australian investment management industry is packed full of them. Ask lots of questions and work hard. And when you get knocked off your feet, get up and go again!

Read Jonathan's full Q&A here.

Rob Fowler

Rob Fowler - Former Chief Investment Officer & Executive, Investment Execution, HESTA

Take advantage of the sliding-door moments. It is definitely what led me to the fantastic role that I have enjoyed over the last 15 years with HESTA and also in my personal life.
AND stop calling the peak in the housing market – you keep getting it wrong!

Read Rob's full Q&A here.

Short & Sweet...


Chris Wheldon, Portfolio Manager, Magellan High Conviction Fund

Capital compounds. So does goodwill.

Read Chris' full Q&A here.


Lisa Carroll, National CEO, CFA Societies Australia

Take more risks. Enjoy the ride. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Read Lisa's full Q&A here.

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